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    Four key points for continuous profitability of stainless steel pipe making machine
    Time:2022-12-13 09:26:53

    Stainless steel pipe making machine enterprises may go through detours and encounter failures if they plan a sustainable profit roadmap and carry out business activities. Such trial and error costs are essential for the domestic stainless steel pipe making machine industry to explore its own development path. If you want to continue to make profits, you need to do the following:

    First, the principle of smile curve can be followed in managing products. The most valuable regions are concentrated at both ends of the value chain - R&D innovation and marketing. In order to obtain more added value and greater benefits, enterprises should either take the lead in R&D and innovation by focusing on user needs upward, or upgrade services and experience downward to expand marketing channels and models.

    When the consumption concept changes from the food and clothing type to the quality type and enjoyment type, and when the demand for stainless steel pipe making machine products is mainly reflected in the quality, brand, service and experience, enterprises should change from the quantity type to the quality type in time, and from scale expansion to continuous upgrading, so as to meet the consumption demand in detail and meet the consumption upgrading with a target.

    The second is to upgrade the quality and highlight the craftsmanship spirit. The times call for craftsman spirit, and the market needs craftsman quality. In the new era when consumption upgrading forces the innovation and transformation of the stainless steel pipe making machine industry, and in the new stage when the kinetic energy transformation accelerates the development from big to strong and high-quality, it is more precious to advocate the quality of craftsmanship and carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship. To borrow a sentence from Xiaomi Lei Jun, we should use telescopes to see innovation and microscopes to see quality, because innovation determines how high we can fly, and quality determines how far we can go.

    Third, innovation is the key to unlocking crises and difficulties. In the face of a century of changes and profound and complex changes in the domestic and foreign environment, the increase of various uncertain and unstable factors, as well as market downturn, rising costs and other difficulties, independent innovation is a compulsory course for stainless steel pipe machine enterprises, but also a good way to break the situation. However, innovation is not a matter of making cars behind closed doors or taking things for granted. Innovation is to turn the love for stainless steel pipe making machine industry into focus and perseverance, and take independent innovation as the pedal to enhance competitiveness and win respect.

    In many cases, although the cost of enterprise innovation and focus is huge, it has yielded a lot. Huawei leads the world in the field of big data transmission only because it has been "charging" and "bombing" the city wall for more than 30 years, with an annual R&D investment of up to 20 billion dollars.

    For innovation, the stainless steel pipe making machine industry should be less capricious, less random, more persistent, and more tenacious, which may create a new blue ocean market, a better development track, and a great and respectable brand.

    Fourth, business covers all elements of the enterprise. To improve the quality and efficiency of business, we should properly handle some key details. For example, the enterprise production and operation chain should promote the green ecological development concept of green manufacturing, green management and green operation from the beginning to the end, which is a solid guarantee to break the environmental tight spell and achieve the goal of double carbon and double control. For example, the refinement problem, especially the cost problem, with the help of training internal skills, let the cost awareness run through every employee, let the cost control implement every link, and let the cost innovation become the action of all staff.

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