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    The transformation of stainless steel pipe welding machine enterprises can achieve twice the result with half the effort by using five major ideas
    Time:2022-12-13 09:29:44

    Today's world has become an integral part of economic information integration. Whether enterprises are willing to accept it or not, the development trend of the world will only become more open and more shared. Therefore, the stainless steel pipe welding machine enterprise must not stand still, and must meet the changes with new thinking. Only in this way can it adapt to the changing economic development background.

    Iterative thinking

    The Internet has entered its heyday, and many Internet thinking models are imperceptibly influencing the development of traditional industries, including iterative thinking. Iterative thinking means that the market allows products to have shortcomings, but does not allow these loopholes to exist all the time. Brands need to improve their products in continuous iterations. In short, stainless steel pipe welding machine enterprises are required to continuously upgrade their product versions.

    Transboundary thinking

    At present, the stainless steel pipe welding machine industry is characterized by serious product homogeneity, lack of innovation in design, and nearly similar brand marketing mode. Many problems make brands have to focus on price. During the industry reshuffle, it is not enough to rely on price alone for competition. These uncompetitive brands will still be eliminated. Therefore, in order to survive and revitalize the enterprise again, innovation is also needed.

    However, it is not easy for the stainless steel pipe welding machine industry to seek innovation, so some enterprises have found a new way to seek innovation through cross-border. The so-called cross-border thinking refers to an innovative way of thinking that looks at problems from multiple angles, perspectives and fields and proposes solutions. However, the market is ever-changing and there is no innovative breakthrough. Even international brands like Nokia will be eliminated from the market.

    Emotional thinking

    The so-called emotionalization, in popular terms, is the audience's perception of the brand. For example, when it comes to De Beers, we can easily associate it with sweet and warm love; When you see KFC, you will immediately think of Uncle Sanders' friendly smile and KFC staff's meticulous service. In fact, these perceptible points are concrete expressions of enterprise emotional thinking.

    Similarly, stainless steel pipe welding machine enterprises can also affect the audience in this way. For example, it pays attention to the design of store image and endows its brand with unique temperament; Or strengthen the service consciousness of the shopping guide, so that customers can experience the feeling of home or God like experience; Many experience stores have been set up to enable users to experience and consume with ease from the perspective of users. Many of these details are actually conveying the brand's humanistic care for consumers from an emotional perspective. "Emotional interaction is an important factor in promoting purchase behavior.

    Fans' thinking

    "Fans" are the driving force of the brand, and "users" are the maintainers of the brand. Brands without fans will surely die. It is not difficult to find that most loyal fans are the most professional, enthusiastic and picky group. Once they find a product with a high cost performance ratio, they will not only become buyers of the brand, but also become very conscious promoters, and even help to promote the brand for free. IKEA is a typical case.

    Although the situation in traditional industries is rare, it is a trend driven by the Internet. Stainless steel pipe welding machine enterprises also need to pay attention to the accumulation and cultivation of their own brand fans. Whether it is WeChat, Weibo or other forum communities, they should develop brand positions, use virus marketing, and publicize the brand for free, rather than doing a hammer sale as before.

    Intuitive thinking

    Undoubtedly, good looks can always attract the audience's attention at the first time, especially in this era of face watching. In fact, not only people, but also products. Beautiful, fashionable and high-end products are generally popular. Therefore, when stainless steel pipe welding machine enterprises pay attention to product appearance design, they often use intuitive thinking to figure out how to immediately attract users' eyes from the appearance.

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